You don't have to suffer from pain, lack of mobility, or lack of energy.

Why? Because this bodywork is a synthesis of Classic Thai yoga, Myofascial meridian stretch, and other methods that remove  the obstacles that prevent pain-free movement. 


Together, we avoid the pitfalls that has so many quitting. 

Or worse... wind up injured or depleted. 


Road Map to Pain-Free Success

The smart way to finally get out of pain and back to a joyful, confident life. 


1       Hands-on body work to unlock the key muscles that prevent functionality and cause pain.   Using a synthesis                 of modalities including Thai Yoga massage, Myofascial release, and other methods to alleviate pain quickly.                  Often in the first session. 

2       The way you breathe is foundational to your success.  It links all the other pieces together.  Build your                 capacity with proper technique.

            As you progress we unlock practices that continue to up-level your energy, stamina, and overall function in                 your body.

3      How you move and Mobilize matters.  We take to the mat for mobility drills inspired by human development. 

             We "re-learn" functional patterns from infancy through adulthood.

4    The science of flexibility has come a long way.  Simple stretching does little to change the elasticity of the               muscles.   In fact, its often counter productive. 

Instead we follow lines of connective tissues with strategic counter pressure to remove the stickiness in the muscles. You'll feel strong and juicy. 

5     A tight muscle is a weak muscles.  Once we liberate the muscle we can develop functional strength within the

            essential movements in the body.  Our capacity for strength never matter what age. 


6    Finally boundless energy, lean strong muscles and the experience of confidence and joy in the body are yours. 

           There's only one catch though.... You have to take action to get results.  

How do we get there?

All sessions are held in person at Kat's home studio: 4202 Tallmadge Rd. Rootstown, Ohio 44272 or over Zoom. 

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Private, live in-person or virtual sessions * so that a trained eye can guide your pace, correct patterns, and offer the right tools for your particular needs.  
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Text support
Should you have any pressing questions or concerns. 
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To keep the momentum between sessions. 

Hurry.  Spots are limited.


8 sessions

plus between session support
1 day/week for 8 weeks
8 sessions total scheduled after booking
2 payments of
$240 (save $120)


Just want to try a Single Session?

scheduled after booking
To release the blocks that prevent pain-free movement so you can get on with your life. 

What others are saying...

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"I searched for anything that would keep me off a surgeon’s table and paid a lot of money for short term solutions.  You offered me a long term solution and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
- Jim N

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"I feel years younger. I have no pain. I have lost weight and built muscle. I am for the first time in my life feeling physically comfortable. Kat is a true professional. "

- Susan S.

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“I have struggled with weight all my life. I found myself in the pit of self-loathing until you explained how everything, my mind and body, works. It has been over 5 years now and weight is no longer an issue.”

- Jennifer C